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Performance Reviews

INTO THE WOODS- “The performances are wonderful indeed.  Evan Tsitsias and Shelly Cass are superb as the Baker and his wife, riding a rollercoaster of emotions that make us love them.
                             -Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

"There just aren’t enough adjectives or adverbs to describe the pure delight of School house Rock Live!. The cast of six are uniformly excellent and energetic.".                                         Eye Weekly

GAY 90's MUSICAL -“The performances were spirited...with the best work coming from Evan Tsitsias”.

- Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

The trio of Robert Tremblay, Evan Tsitsias and Tony Rauchberger are a glorious hoot, as is the sex in the military spoof by Tsitsias.”

- Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star.

"The best show in Muskoka may be "I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” It is nothing short of fantastic.  A hot little cast with four actors who can really sing and dance.  They earned the standing ovation. "
                         -Martin Avery, Muskoka Today

SUDS-"Four talented performers. With a whole slew of parts to pull off, Evan Tsitsias got our sympathy as well as our laughter."                       - The Advocate

Performance Gallery

Jon Dore Television Show

This is a clip from an episode of the Jon Dore Television Show, where I played the "real life" choreographer of the show. Very fun shoot. Lots of improv. I come in at about 1:38 (for those impatient people, like me!)

"Best Buy" Commercial 

"Cash For Life" commercial

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