"Triumphantly good work...Matthew Kutas and Evan Tsitsias have mastered a small platform stage. Remarkable and poignant."

                                    - XTRA Magazine.

"If you consider the Megan Follows version of Anne of Green Gables to be the definitive stage or television classic, think again. Director/producer Evan Tsitsias has breathed new life into an innovative and touching rendition of the timeless tale."

                                  - The Observer

"... director Evan Tsitsias beautifully weaves an aura of whimsy into the show."            

                       - NYtheatre.com

 "Director Evan Tsitsias once again demonstrates his finesse for musical theatre as each song is cleverly choreographed and executed."                  -North Star

"Sharply directed by Evan Tsitsias..."

                                                       - Now Magazine

"Director Evan Tsitsias knows the value of small gestures and keeps our attention..." 

                                       - Mooney on Theatre


"Director Evan Tsitsias and the actors have created a compelling show that grabs one’s attention and holds it."      - Inside Halton

"Tsitsias and co-director Esther Jun stage a gripping, sometimes harrowing production."

                                    -Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

"Director Evan Tsitsias creates those desperate relationships carefully..."

                                                 - Slotkin Letter

 * Nominated for the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Direction of a Musical - "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

 * Nominated for the John Hirsch Directing Prize - Canada Council for the Arts

 * Nominated for a Broadwayworld Award: Best Director of the Decade of a Musical - "Sunday in the Park with George"

 * Nominated for a Broadwayworld Award: Best Direction of a Musical - "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

 * Nominated for a Broadwayworld Award: Best Direction of a Musical - "A Misfortune"

 * Nominated for a Broadwayworld Award: Best Direction of a Musical - " I Love You,  You're Perfect...Now Change"

 * Finalist - Charles Abbott Directing Fellowship - Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation

 * Nominated for a BRAVO Award - Best Direction of a Musical - "Footloose"


Director Evan Tsitsias' use of the space was nothing less than brilliant.          - Now Magazine

"The success of this production rests with director Evan Tsitsias, who keeps the staging brisk, simple and uncluttered."

                                                                     -  Broadwayworld.com

Director Evan Tsitsias' staging is attentive to both the elegant spectacle  and the more intimate moments...

                                                             - Istvan Reviews


Sunday in the Park with George

Eclipse Theatre Company at the Jam Factory

5 Dora Nominations and a Dora Award for Outstanding Musical Direction

3 Broadwayworld Award Nominations - Director of the Decade, Musical of the Decade and Ensemble

“One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of running a theatre company is curating the expectations of the audience. The Eclipse Theatre Company, an upstart musical-theatre company… has been doing a four-star job of this since launching last year.… you can be impressed by a clever bit of staging, or swoon at the lush sound of 34 voices singing the harmonies…”  - Globe and Mail


"...intimate and ambitious... lots of nice details…offers lots to admire. What's surprising in this version is how intimate and refreshing the show feels… achieves an immersive, intimate feeling... works beautifully ... achieves musical theatre transcendence. Eclipse Theatre remains one of the more intriguing new companies on the scene. – NOW MAGAZINE

"... a sumptuous experience... riveting... this Sunday in the Park with George is always in motion and deliciously intimate. And conceptual flourishes have been layered and layered without disturbing the flow of the story. If you want to think, there is a lot to digest, but if you just want to sink back and lean into a luxurious musical theatre experience, it unfolds right before your eyes and ears…take this opportunity to savour this fine ensemble's stellar version.  – Drew Rowsome Mygaytoronto.com


 “…a spine-tingling moment of visual and musical harmony.  This is a beautiful canvas. Take it in.”  - Mooney on Theatre


“…this production is lush, atmospheric and captures—with stirring emotional force.  A live painting (by Lori Mirabelli) is created on stage during the performance. This bit of creative embellishment is compelling in its thematic significance and a fun contribution to the creative ambiance of this production.  – Istvan Reviews


"Colour and Light", brings the show to a high that carries it through the rest of the evening …a lovely way to spend a Sunday, or any day.” – Broadwayworld 


“…creative and energizing…we will hope patiently for a full blown production to follow” – On Stage 

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Eclipse Theatre Company presented at the Old Don Jail

6 Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominations - Best Musical, Direction, Choreography, Musical Direction (Winner) and Performances by Tracy Michailidis and Kawa Ada

8 Broadwayworld Nominations - Best Musical, Direction, Choreography, Company, and 4 Performing nominations

"Eclipse Theatre's site-specific staged concert production of the Tony Award-winning musical delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. Eclipse Theatre's inaugural production will hold you completely captive." - Now Magazine

"...near perfect...with such a strong first outing and powerful buzz, you can bet Eclipse will be presenting more of these delightful site-specific escapes from reality." - Mooney on Theatre

"The audience is drawn into the imaginative act and the performers’ energy is compellingly focused. The ambition and the musical achievement bode well for Eclipse’s future." - The Toronto Star

25th  Annual Putnam Spelling Bee

Produced by Koogle Theatre at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Starring:  Mark Allan, Niko Combitsis, Daniel Spragge, Leslie Kay,  Laura Caswell, Shaina Silver-Baird,  Cara Pantalone, Christopher Alan Gray, Giovanni Spina

 "Favourite Local Musical" of 2016 -  Burlington Post

"Spellbinding Show...Wildly entertaining...This production had nifty comic twists...

Directed by Evan Tsitsias, the show featured great, freewheeling song and dance numbers...

very moving... worthy of an encore performance."

                                                                                              - Burlington Post

"As good as it gets...Summer fare that is worth the time."  - Burlington Gazette


Written by: Evan Tsitsias, Chang Nai Wen and Laura Tesman


Co- Directed by : Evan Tsitsias, Chang Nai Wen and Laura Tesman


Starring: Iphigenia Grivas Aristea Stafylaraki, Irene shoulder, Katerina Drakopoulou Thanos Foskolos, John Harbatsis Stavros Giannouladis George Kissandrakis, James Mindrinos & Tali Custer


This was a part written, part devised piece developed as part of the WWL and the Syros Institute in Syros, Greece.  It explores the subject of refugees and the current political crisis in Greece through the lens of Greek Chorus. What happens when an individual steps out of a group? What happens to both the individual and the group? These were some of the questions explored.  


Performed at the historic Apollo Theatre in Syros, Greece. 


"A sensational artistic experience... "Echo"  touched us, left us shaken and spoke directly to the heart..."

                                                                                    - Anthony Boumpas, Daily Journal









We Are the Play

Written by: Evan Tsitsias


Co-directed by: Evan Tsitsias and Chang Nai Wen


Starring: Jonathan Aikins, Kristin Becker, Sonja Chan, Dilan Gülmez, Para Kiala, Lara-Sophie Milagro and Larius Phoulivong


Produced by Sysiphos Der Flugelefant and English Theatre Berlin and performed as a site specific, immersive experience at the Berlin Wall Memorial in Germany. 

"Thoroughly enlightening, very entertaining excursion..."

                                                                                       - Der Tagesspiegel

Lion in the Streets

Written by: Judith Thompson


Produced at Teatro Due, Rome and the WWL , October 2014


Co-directed by: Evan Tsitsias and Vidhu Singh


Starring: Ilaria Ambrogii, Ketty Di Porto, Alessia Giangiulianii, Francesco Meola, Laura Rovetti, Mauro Santopietro


Lion in the Streets

A Misfortune

A new Canadian musical based on Checkov's short story of the same title. 




"NNNN's...Sharply directed by Evan Tsitsias.." - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine


"This piece is exquisite. It shimmers with simplicity, elegance and grace...Stunning...beautifully told...Director Evan Tsitsias creates those desperate relationships carefully..." - Lynn Slotkin


"Everything about the show works beautifully...every tiny gesture adds to the story.  Director Evan Tsitsias knows the value of small gestures and keeps our attention...A Misfortune is like a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly. Definitely worth seeing." - Mooney on Theatre


" 5 stars! A riveting musical experience. Bravo." - Theatromania


"It would be a misfortune to miss A Misfortune." - Charlebois Post


* Nominated for 3 Broadwayworld Awards 2014: Best Direction, Best Musical and

   Best Indy Prod.

Produced by: Common Descent as part of the Next Stage Theatre Festival


Starring: Adam Brazier, Rejean Courneyer, Kaylee Harwood, Trish Lindstrom and Jordan Till


Music Director: Chris Tsujiuchi


Designer: Joanna Yu